Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 Specific Things To Pray Earnestly For Your Pastor Each Day

It was Spurgeon who attested his success to the prayers of his people and this was not the pitiful stuff most people call prayer, Spurgeon had a church that believed in intercessory prayer! A biblical attitude toward faithful shepherds will cause us to desire their best spiritually and physically.

This is from written by bro Kevin Williams. A very good exhortation to the body of Christ!
"Brethren, pray for us" 1 Thessalonians 5:25
If the Apostle Paul needed the prayers of the Saints, then how much more does the ordinary Pastor? Following on from yesterday's post encouraging Christians to beseech the Lord earnestly in prayer each day for their Pastors. Today I want to suggest some specific things to pray for him (you may think of many more):

1. Seek Christ first. That he would see more of Christ's love for him, he would love Christ more and nothing would get in the way of simple devotion to Christ. That his prayer life would not be hindered.
2. His family. That he would be a better husband to his wife, and a better parent to his children. For the salvation of his children and the spiritual welfare of his wife. That his family would be provided for.
3. Study. That the Spirit of God will help and guide him in preparing sermons, and that his study time would not be hindered.
4. Love. That he would increase in love, compassion and gentleness.
5. Witness. That he would have divine appointments and God would open doors for him to share the Gospel with people. That his life would also be a witness of the love of Christ.
6. Wisdom. That he would increase in wisdom and God will help him with any council he gives.
7. Holiness. That he would be careful not to grieve the Spirit and will flee temptation. That he would be filled with the Spirit.
8. Unction. That God would give power to his preaching and ministry and souls would be converted.
9. Truth. That he would speak the truth in love and not back down when tough things need to be said, knowing he will receive a stricter judgement.
10. Support. That he will receive support from people around him.


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