Friday, October 9, 2009

Exposing the Word of Faith sludge

The 'Word of Faith' movement is a plague within the church that not only mars the person and purpose of Christ, but it also oppresses true believers! This is not one of those fad heresies that will quickly pass, and the heresies contained within have little by little spread into many churches (there is NO one denomination that is MORE prone to this, some you will never suspect until you hear the preaching). These false teachers are the FIRST to get access among the nations, first to get exposure on worldwide television, first to get their material into institutions like jails and prisons. I see this garbage everyday (and can spot it in the prayers of some believers) as a chaplain at our county jail, I constantly hear of men being given such garbage (in fact out of 30+ chaplains MAYBE a handful are not full blown or dangerously effected by the Word of Faith movement-where are the solid men who care to teach??)
I beg that you become familiar with such things if you care to defend against the charlatans, and to deliver God's people from it's clutches:
With that said Brother Paul Washer will be preaching at the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Conference in London, England with a minster by the name of Justin Peters (who holds seminars on such a subject) who will be preaching about discernment (in regard to the Word of Faith movement).
Here is a teaching he presented a while back

I appreciate the fact that this brother doesn't get sidetracked by attempting to tie Charismatics and Word of Faith teachers (that needs to be abundantly clear for many well-intentioned believers).
A book I remember reading several years ago tackles such a subject very precisely, and if you want something filled with quotes, interactions, and a biblical critique then get Hank Hannegrafs
CHRISTIANITY IN CRISIS this is the first edition, I just discovered that a new book has been written but I haven't read it (and so I hold my endorsement, I'm not exactly eye to eye with all the 'bible-answer-man' says).
You could also watch my cartoon video on a 'faith healer' scenario


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