Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to avoid reactionary extremes

Reactionary extremes are the cause of many Christians rejecting that which they should not be so quick to reject. Such reactions to extremes has caused believers to form convictions improperly, that is not according to scriptural reasoning.
Such reactions are often formed on the basis of mere experience. Thus all the arguments are formed with extreme examples of 'what I've seen is...' or 'what I've heard was....' instead of first going to the scriptures with a teachable spirit; one which cries out 'Lord show me the way, and correct me where necessary!'.
There are some other variables in forming our convictions which we must also beware of, and that is the 'accepted' norm of the day. We don't seek to be conformed to the majority position of popular Christendom, rather we are to seek to be conformed to the Christ (to the word).
We have one rule of faith, and that rule (standard) is the Word of God. Since the Word is our rule of faith, we should approach all things with a level of skepticism, a healthy desire to be convinced FIRST by the scriptures while being willing to forsake anything which doesn't line up with the word.
Such things would include:
How are we to reach people with the gospel.
How are we to dress as believers?
How are we to approach such issues as dating?
How are we to approach our entertainment choices?
How are we to direct our churches?
How are we to test elders?
How are we to bless our elders?
How are we to understand the power and experience of the Spirit?
How are we to educate our children?
How are we to discipline our children?
How are we to manage our finances?
How are we to interact with fellow believers?
How are we to spend our retirement?
How are we to walk in our God-given roles?
How are we to worship the Lord musically?

Now HERE is the real test of whether we are concerned about DOCTRINE (you can talk all you want about the importance of theology, you can make puffy and pretty statements and confessions, but when it hits home, WHAT'S UP????)
IS the bible silent on such things as these? CERTAINLY NOT! Yet because of extremes, a number of such questions have already conjured up unsavory pictures that cloud an objective and biblical response. Even worse, such questions are usually answered very predictably and very carelessly by many leaders, who answer not with scripture verses which apply to that issue, but with blanket verses which usually leave the person thinking "well I guess it's a matter of choice, and the bible is obviously silent about such things!?".
Another wrong way to approach such issues is asking "is this a salvation issue?" (for some it could be) but that's a very selfish and wicked way to approach such things, rather we should be concerned whether such things please the Lord, whether such issues hurt our testimony (more importantly meaning does it paint a wrong view of Christ?) and whether such decisions will hinder others (like things concerning our children, reaching the lost, leading our churches etc..)?!

Beloved (MINISTERS especially) how would you answer such things? With a generic, non-confrontational, middle of the road reply (what everyone says or does) or have you thoroughly searched the scriptures in such matters??


Terry Dorn

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