Saturday, October 3, 2009

If it's worth anything, it must be fought for!

As regards KINGDOM living, if it's of worth then it must be FOUGHT for.

There is a saying which goes something along the lines of 'If it's valuable then it's worth fighting for' yet what I propose is that is it's has worth then it MUST be fought for and that daily!!!

Conformity to Christ is hard and diligent work, now before I'm misunderstood I wish to clarify that all that is good within us is of God, that He alone receives credit for all things! However every believer must come to grips with the reality that God accomplishes His ends by means! God uses diligent work in order to bring forth abundant fruit, we reap what we sow!

The scope of this has no limits, and though the world would consider such attention, such diligence, such seriousness as fanatical, nonetheless we must press hard after God and godliness. As JC Ryle has said you can not be too holy and as Ravenhill has said you cannot be too heavenly minded!!! Progress in sanctification takes diligent WORK!

Before that's addressed let me once again make the point that we (most of us westerners) have a hard time with the word 'work'. We are in constant pursuit of ease, shortcuts, and quick results including our love for overnight success stories! This is also why so many have such a hard time reading the Puritans because they had a different view towards work altogether, the thought that they would call spiritual disciplines 'duties' sounds offensive. Even the Apostle Paul's decision to work in order to be blameless, though commended, is simply foreign.

It seems that a fundamental problem exists, which exceeds the 'how to's' of the Christian life; that fundamental problem is that we simply DON'T believe that things are supposed to take work, hence the CONSTANT pursuit (and success) of Christian 'shortcut' resources!

To glorify God in all things, is something which comes natural to no man, it demands that we crucify the flesh CONTINUALLY!!

--let it be said that the phrase 'HARD WORK' does not mean 'unpleasant' it just means 'not easy'--

Sound doctrine (bible study) takes HARD work, (I don't mean you need a degree or specialized training) I mean you must realize that 'wisdom' is like treasure and it must be sought after (Proverbs makes this crystal clear) a casual reading of the scriptures is DANGEROUS, we receive more and more of the MIND of Christ by listening to the WORD of Christ!

Prayer (intercession, requests, thanksgiving, etc) is HARD work, we must continually fight against our tendency to NOT depend upon Christ for all things nor be consumed with only our problems

Christ-like Marriage is HARD work, we must continually fight to be primarily concerned with serving our spouses and not ourselves. We must diligently REJECT the teachings and patterns of the world as regards marriage, a prerequisite to this is of course sound doctrine.

Christ-like Parenting is HARD work, we must continually fight to protect, to discipline, to teach, to encourage, to lead, and to consider our Children. Likewise we desperately need sound doctrine, while rejecting the norms of this world (including norms that have crept into the church)!

Christ-like Singleness is HARD work, we must continually fight to not give into substitutes for all that God has for us, which takes patient preparation. The single person may treat his/her Christianity as if it's on 'pause' and that the 'goal' is simply to get to a certain stage (graduation, marriage, a certain age bracket, etc..) before going forward, but this ignores the commands of God and limits the promises of God concerning their pursuit of God, fight such lies!

I have not exhausted this subject nor have I prioritized subjects by their importance, these are simply some things that have been pressing my mind and I thought would be good to zoom in on!
Once we believe that such worthy subjects take HARD work then we can receive and walk in such truths as this: Gal 6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.


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