Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Michigan 2009, missions conf Paul Washer

Berean Baptist in Livonia, MI is having their annual missions conference and their guest speaker is Paul Washer.
It appears they are getting the audio up quickly, since Sunday evenings message is already available.

The sermon is titled 'taking dominion' which was a call to men to be men. Men whose chief ambition is to see God's name be hallowed and His kingdom come, in every aspect of life!

AFTER the sermon, which is typical for Paul Washer a large crowd gathered around to ask questions and to listen to the answers. Among this crowd are young, old, reformed, charismatic, urban, suburban you name it. Paul gave some fresh stories about his time at the Legacy Conference and how real those guys are. He mentioned that he gave marriage counselling Trip Lee (a young Christian rap artist associated with Lecrae). It's always funny to see the reaction of people as bro Paul just isn't what they usually expect, because he's sincere, down-to-earth, and NOT nit picky (he just doesn't look for ways to make something look bad). Ray Comfort from the Way of the Master was also the topic of story after story, by Bro Paul who expressed how much he just loves him and his witnessing, which may be a shocker to some people because they expect him to point out the flaws of that system.

Monday night was even better, the sermon was certainly filled with new material and came in the form of a series of questions falling under this one question: Is your Christianity WORTH exporting?
This message was a real heart searcher, and should be carefully listened to as soon as it becomes available. Following the message many people once again gathered around the weak and tired Paul Washer to ask questions. Their was some heated discussion on the gifts, like prophecy and tongues. Bro Washer is no cessationist yet he wanted to make absolutely clear that the scriptures give no warrant for us to believe that tongues was some unique out of this world speech, yet was actual languages that if translated communicated a message. Well if you've ever been a part of such confusion than you will know how hard it is to accept that or to search the scriptures with an open mind. This was proven when one man cut off Bro Paul because he said no validated and authentic revival ever produced such mess, and the man said 'that's not true, I've also studied church history.....' well after that I could hear him speak to a couple of men going on about his disagreement. What this guy didn't understand was what Paul said, Bro Paul qualified his statement by saying 'validated' and 'authentic' (the kind that produces lasting fruit) revival, yes there are tons of stories concerning WILD fire, yet these can't honestly be looked upon as genuine. The Azusa street revival for instance was just a nesting place for a ton of heresies that came out of that, not to mention how ridiculous it is to think that the Spirit was lying dormant for almost 2000yrs before He manifested Himself through what is called tongues (being that it's so incredibly important to the Pentecostal and many Charismatics). The list could go on concerning disastrous ends to so called revival preachers and those they 'converted'!
One young man asked about getting others in his church to witness, and bro Paul wisely advised him to spend his energies in just doing it rather than trying to get people to go. Answers from questions concerned head coverings (by some Romanian brothers), legalism, antinominism, and once again more stories about his experience in Chicago with the 'brothers' including the night they spent in the worst part of the city with his boys.


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