Thursday, October 22, 2009

Michigan 2009, missions conf Paul Washer 2

Well here's yet another post with two sermons
Before that I did want to mention a couple more things which Bro Paul was able to share with us.
One of the things he pointed out concerning apologetics and the way he witnesses to people, is the need to use presuppositional apologetics as opposed to say evidentialism (which bro Paul pointed out that if you have someone that knows there stuff they'll tear you apart-AMEN), he mentioned one of the best (although the good preachers have always used this bible influenced method) Cornelius Van Til, this is the form of apologetics that isn't corrupted by academia, philosophy, nor the lies of men, but actually believes that the word of God is true (salvation can't be argued)and powerful (the only means by which the Holy Spirit convicts) and seeks to bring men face to face with the truth of the word, honestly I'd expect Arminians to use other forms but it blows my mind that Calvinistic people employ such worldly arguments/debates.
One of the books which he continued to recommend every night was by that brilliant historian Iain Murray, PENTECOST TODAY (if you are looking to read a biography and Iain Murray has also written on the same person, then get Iain Murray's first).

This sermon was delivered on Sun morning (the only one which I was not present) although it says 2 of 3.

THIS sermon was delivered on MONDAY night:



Just wanted to say I appreciated your comments about Christian Rap on the 'Berean Wife' blog. I certainly can understand both sides of the argument, but I def agree with what you said. On the subject of this post, I've heard a lot of great things about van Til's apologetics as well. I think much of the church has simply become accustomed to doing things the way they have always been done (including myself not long ago), so the need for learning a biblical defense the faith and sound doctrine doesn't even cross their minds, unfortunately. But I have faith that the Lord will continue to sanctify His church just as He has promised.

Grace and Peace

Julius Mickel

Thank you, it's not a easy subject to discuss.
Yes the greatest problem in Christendom is just going with the flow (never examining anything) or on the other end just rejecting the flow (over-reaction by attacking everything) whereas we should be asking "what saith the scriptures?"

Ryan Kasza

Thanks for posting these Julius. Mel and I had a wonderful time Sunday night (and monday, too)...How many other nights did you get to go? Did you get to finally talk to Brother Washer? How was it? I'm at work tonight, but thought i could check your blog to see what's been going on. God bless!

Julius Mickel

I've gone every night except tonight (we all have the flu, except Rachele). I talked with bro Paul briefly, he didn't stay after on Wed or Thur (he also was sick).
I'm just disappointed more people from the church didn't make time to go, Preaching is a means of God that I don't think many people understand. In fact even among the 'reformed' preaching seems to be the part that's a 'no biggie' to miss. Under God anointed preaching, many have been converted, seen their marriages healed, and been set free from many afflictions and trials.

blessings bro

Ryan Kasza

I know its easy to get down on it, but I gues it comes down to what we talked about- disciplining ourselves for godliness...I keep hoping to be a positive influence at church and seems many don't see the value we do in this (or maybe just multiple schedule conflicts) don't give up!

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