Monday, October 12, 2009

regeneration may be hard to see

What? Most believers have suffered from the false teaching that assurance is something you feel or simply convince yourself of, yet for many such assurance is absolutely NOT felt and hard to imagine.
Examining oneself to see whether we are in the faith is tightrope theology, meaning it takes great care and attention to the proper details. For a great majority of shallow (in theology) believers, such assurance may be sought in vain if they refuse to do the hard (and joyous) work of studying the scriptures as concerns the gospel.
Compromise also complicates the matter, because the person isn't able to distinguish between struggling with temptation and a lifestyle of unrepentant sinfulness. Of course the best test is always TIME, time will tell, time will reveal those who 'endure to the end'.
I had an inmate ask me towards the end of the service (you always get the complex questions when time runs out) about whether I struggle with sin and how exactly can you tell that God has delivered you from such or is it that he was simply not saved. Well such a question DEMANDS a biblical and honest answer:
First we must recognize that sometimes people are trying to get us to say something so they can weigh themselves by our experience, beware of answering in such a way. So I admit my struggles while I testify to the victories and the incredible difference in my desires AND THEN I explain how I don't want him to judge himself by me, and that I don't want to give a quick answer because I don't want give him false peace.
Second we must not be deceived by appearances, even if there are tears in their eyes and your heart is melting for them, DON'T play the Holy Spirit by giving false peace. We must be convinced that the extent people will go in hypocrisy is amazing, and such should cause us to be careful in telling anyone their saved.
Third we must appeal to the Holy Spirit by begging and persuading others to SEARCH the scriptures for such things and to NOT give up until they are convinced. If you wish to go beyond mere theory then practically proclaim the sufficiency of scripture by teaching others to make that their firm foundation, not your thoughts or opinions.
Finally after you are blue in the face from explaining the implications of a new heart, the love towards God and the hatred of sin, the difference between worldly sorrow and godly sorrow, and the lasting fruits and the brother or sister with puzzled face asks you yet again for more light then there's only ONE solution left: BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS! Agonizing prayer, an exhausting searching after God (with the WORD), this is the only remedy left, you must direct them to cry out to God until He answers them, until it is revealed to them. If such a search begins only one of two things will happen, (if it's a work of the flesh) they will either grow weary, frustrated and give up because it's not worth it to them and their carnal passion reached it's limit OR (if it's a work of the Spirit) they will be blessed with a measure of grace concerning the reality of their conversion.


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