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Tainted gospel of the world

I wrote this as part of an email a while ago and I think I've used it before but I have edited some parts and have added that which is in bold. Grace and Peace

The tainted Gospel of the world is:

That which is of the World I John 2
Lust of the flesh: Appealing to Experience, feelings.
Lust of the eyes: Greed 'godliness a means of gain'
The Pride of Life: Promising Power, earthly purpose, and praise

Men should never be drawn by these nor kept by these.

A high and exaggerated view of man leads to a weak gospel, that gets it's POWER from intellectual persuasion and emotional manipulation. Such a view leads one to adopt methods that are a spiritual version of worldly salesmanship, which puts all it's effort in to getting someone to 'sign' on the dotted line ('repeat after me').

This also brings to mind METHODS. It has been said 'the method does not matter as long as the message isn't changed' NOT TRUE!!!! Some methods are neutral, like music can be neutral. Although sometimes that method is sought out but no longer does the life of the musician matter (as long as he says he's a Christian);never mind if they are just as sensual, just as materialistic, or self-centered as the world. The thing to be weary of is the tendency of people to look to musicians as leaders because they were given a mic, yet it is to our shame if we just use someone because they are talented, not godly. In this case the method (what is seen) can change the message (what is heard)! Some things aren't neutral.

This is why there is such a stir among the body of Christ concerning the filth coming from many pulpits, because such ministers are CLEARLY violating scripture with their speech and conduct not to mention the consciences of many believers. Such 'methods' cloud and blur the message of the gospel!

Sometimes ignorance (intentional or not) can lead to the allowance of anything called 'ministry'. I've seen with teen ministries where a church would never teach or use such a thing, yet allow it in a youth group because the older saints figure "well i guess times have changed, this must be what will reach them." instead of testing it by the word. In the church I'm speaking of i spoke to the head pastor and he agreed that it was sending a mixed message, so when we all got together to address the issue the assistant pastor said "I'm willing to try ANYTHING" what he meant was that these kids are so hardened that the only way to reach them is to lower the standard.
Another False Claim is that "if it works then it must be good": "look at how many people are being reached" hence all the adoptions of church copying (40 days). Yet what does the scripture say? Tell Moses that the test of 'right' is success. He struck the rock the second time in rebellion to God and what??? SUCCESS!!! IT WORKED!!! maybe God didn't care then? Of course not, hence Moses was judged.

Yes and this hold true even if someone is preaching 'reformed' truth and has a large church or is endorsed by respected leaders who for whatever reason have admittedly overlooked certain things (using the 'in this case it's different because...'). Does anyone believe in the power of the word? Did the Holy Spirit weaken in His ability to draw men through the word????

What is the GOAL??? That's the real question, and that goal will show itself. If the call of the church is to win souls, to produce converts then YES, let's use any and everything to get them. Yet contrary to popular belief we know this ISN'T the goal of the church. The CHIEF END OF MAN is to glorify God. So in evangelism when we seek to glorify God (chiefly) then we will refuse to compromise His holiness, His sovereignty, His wisdom, His power, His justice, His love, His wrath etc.. and thus ALL things must be tested against such. This is what propels the 'seeker-friendly' model, their chief end is to reach people, yet when doctrine is shorted then exactly what God or Jesus are they coming to?
Evangelism today looks more like online dating or even a BLIND date, the kind where you 'agree' (commit) to go out with someone who you don't really know and you aren't sure you will be attracted to (and like such situations the person is presented in a way that will entice the 'blind man' while leaving off the unattractive parts). "Who do men say that I am?......Who do you say that I am?" was a pretty important thing to Jesus, it was His constant purpose to CLARIFY who He was and what His purposes were in order to erase the misconceptions. When Moses asked God to give him some sort of description in order to clarify Who it was that was sending him, the LORD most high did NOT say 'Moses, that's not as important as getting them, just do whatever it takes!' On the contrary God is abundantly clear on how He wishes to be described, and concerning the gospel Jesus Christ is abundantly clear on How men must come to Him (we don't see Jesus ever lowering the standard or catering to truth hating men)!



That was good. Just wanted to let you know there are many out here that are seeing the truth. We can see that under these false movements of the spirit that the future generation is going to birth new paradigms, and teachings that will bring the body further into the bondage of deception. But God is good and He has those who will trust in Him and live at the standard He has raised up.

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