Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What good is the gospel for believers???

Good question, I'm glad you asked.
It really should be quite surprising that many don't think the gospel can be of any real importance for the believer who's 'accepted' it already. Beyond that there are many who say it's important because someone else said it was, yet they don't seem to mention the gospel much.
I'm speaking about cross-centered living and cross-centered preaching, both are too rare in our day! The cross, the gospel is central to Christianity because it is there that we see ourselves in the clearest light and we see God in the clearest light.
Would we doubt God's love? Then LOOK to the cross!!!!
Would we wonder concerning God's sovereignty and wise workings in our lives? Then look to the cross and see the PERFECT and PRECISE timing and fulfilment of it!
Would we begin to grow tired and faint in our fight against the flesh, the world and Satan? Then look to the cross and as Jesus did run the race with your eyes looking to the prize and to the joy awaiting!
Would we struggle in our ability to forgive and love our neighbors (even enemies)? Then look to the cross and ponder the vileness of your own wickedness and how God gave such mercy to you!
Would we question whether the Father still loves us in our failings, whether we must earn His love? Then look to the cross and consider what exactly YOU contributed on that great day where the love of God was demonstrated, other than your SIN and yet did not God look past you and grant you access through His Son and by His grace ALONE?!

Oh what a beautiful cross it is, what a wonderful Savior, that has lavished such love upon us by taking our shame! Oh for preachers that will lead men to the cross!
Dear reader how long has it been since you soaked yourself in the gospels? Set aside the lofty stuff, set aside the fluffy stuff and study the CROSS (this will BLESS your soul and consequently others)!

I want to be led to the cross, I was just thinking about how this is really what makes me choose the preachers I like, the fact that they drive me to the CROSS (to the feet of Jesus) I don't care a bit about where they are coming from, I don't care if they have ever shared my struggles or experiences, I don't care if their funny, I don't care if their witty, I don't care if their cool, I don't care about their age, I don't care about their finances, I don't care about their endorsements, THIS ONE THING I WANT TO KNOW: Do they preach CHRIST CRUCIFIED (in word and deed)? Then preach on!


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