Sunday, October 11, 2009

woe is me, condemnation

Hey you! Yeah you! Why the blues? Your a Christian right, you've been delivered from the wrath of God's hell, you been given a hope of a heavenly home where you will live in joy unspeakable with your heavenly father, right? You also have such a Intimate Lord that is giving you more love than you can conceive of, right? And you are also in the hands of an Almighty Sovereign king that is so orchestrating His world for His glory while working out every detail of your life for good, right?
Then why the blues? Struggles, anxiety, finances, health, persecution, you name it right? Well do you not know the promises? Then what exactly are you doing about it?
Maybe just maybe you experience such condemning thoughts because you are a selfish crybaby? No, seriously STOP looking at you and STOP whining, it's time to MAKE WAR!
As the dear John Owen said 'BE KILLING SIN OR SIN WILL BE KILLING YOU', you can sit around moping as though God's done nothing for you but smack you around and neglect you OR you can yet HOPE in God, you can cry out for His strength and cling to His heart; in short, cast you burdens UPON Him BECAUSE He cares for YOU!!!
Condemnation only leaves you suffocating and frozen looking into self, while biblical conviction recognizes the personal deficiency yet LOOKS to the gracious provision of God. The remedy to the 'I'M A LOSER' mindset is not to think 'NO, I'm a winner' but to proclaim 'BUT GOD PICKED ME, I'M ON THE WINNING TEAM AND WE'RE GOING TO GET THE PRIZE'. Praise God it's all about HIM, praise God we don't motivate Him, HE MOTIVATES US! Praise God HE keeps HIS promises, praise God He's promised to love us with an everlasting love, praise God He's promised to sanctify us, praise God He's promised to provide for us, and praise God He's promised to glorify us!


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