Thursday, November 5, 2009

The secret to a godly marriage

If you wish to find satisfaction and peace as regards your marriage then you must first, seek a marriage which glorifies God. In order for that to take place you must take the time to become familiar with what the scriptures teach concerning our roles within marriage.
Now please allow me to address those believers who are married to some difficult people, you know that husband that just isn't taking the lead or that wife who simply isn't submitting (of course there could be many more examples). I'll tell you the secret to obtaining that peace and joy within such a marriage; fix your eyes on Christ!
In otherwords if you will look to Christ for your joy and peace, then you will begin to see that the biggest problem in your marriage is YOU! The advice that God gives concerning changing our mates, is to change ourselves. When we put more energy in seeking to honor (glorify) the Lord in our marital duties then we do in trying to get our spouse to line up, then we are fostering an environment that the Lord can bless.
In addition to focusing on our own sanctification, we should be pleading with the Lord to help us unconditionally love, honor, and serve our spouse. When we are applying such an eye to ourselves, then we will be better equipped to apply an honest evaluation (MT 7:1- ) of our spouse, in order that we can properly pray for them (we should be spending more time talking to God about the things we see in our spouse then we do with our spouse). Let us strive to be faithful and seek to trust and plead with God to do what we obviously cannot!


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