Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Al Martin in Canton and some great fellowship

Well last weekend My wife and I were privileged to hear for the first time (twice) from our favorite preacher (that being the one whom we have certainly witnessed great fruit from the teaching of) Al Martin. Al Martin is now 70+ yrs old and STILL preaches and moves likes he's 30, it was also a great delight to see him speaking to so many people after the sermon. What had seemed odd was the fact that Al Martin preached on FRIDAY and then on SUNDAY (what was he doing on Saturday?) well after speaking to the host pastor (Pastor Mike) I got the scoop: Al Martin met with this Pastor in his hotel ALL day Saturday (from 10am till evening), it was Al Martin's choice and it was also the first time these dear men of God ever met (I'm SOOOOOOO jealous).
The fellowship at the church was also very sweet, I had several long conversations with members of the church and it was extremely uplifting to my soul. I also had the privilege of attending my mother's church (which is a young church yet is growing in depth). I rejoice that my family is able to attend such a healthy church, especially since THAT was an answer to the prayers of my wife and I.


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