Saturday, December 12, 2009

Albert Martin preaching in CANTON, OH

FINALLY!!! I get to here Bro Albert Martin preach, I have heard many things concerning the preaching of Albert Martin and it's clear from all of them that God's hand is upon this dear brother. I have personally listened to several hundred of his sermons and have been greatly encouraged and challenged in the ways of the Lord.
If I was to describe what strikes me most about Pastor Martin in listening to him, it's BOLD THOROUGHNESS!

There are a lot of dear men that I have been blessed by like Bro Paul Washer for instance, but Bro Washer isn't always thorough, which he has also testified, that he doesn't always carry a thought to it's conclusion (or always explain some statements).
In fact, John Murray, arguably the greatest theologian of the 20th Century and a founder of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, said of Al Martin he is "one of the ablest and moving preachers I have ever heard. I have not heard his equal."
Pastor Martin will be preaching on Friday December 18th at 7:30 and on Sunday 20th at 9:30, 11, and 6 pm @ Heritage Reformed Baptist Church in Canton, Ohio


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