Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blessing of child #7

Well it seems that the Lord has been pleased to once again open the womb of my dear wife and bless us with yet another child (who knows we might get that daughter after all--sure got enough 'back-up' with 6 brothers).
We have chosen to NOT worry about all the things that most parents might, I say 'chosen not to' because we like many other couples are but flesh and are easily able to worry about all the 'ifs' of this life, yet we have seen God's gracious hand in always providing (even in matters of health, which are in the hands of our good God). It is our conviction that The word of God is true, and the Word of God states that children are a blessing "FROM" the Lord and we would count any sacrifice worth it, though we need MUCH grace from God.
Our only concern is that the Lord would bless us to be faithful in training them up in the admonition of the Lord! (May we never take lightly our stewardship).


Berean Wife


I'm "choosing" to not be jealous of your upcoming new baby. :)

Berean Wife

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