Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Considering Mark Driscoll??

I've been very reluctant to mention this name in a post because I'm not looking to draw a group of Mark Driscoll haters nor do I wish to spend hours defending Mark Driscoll worshippers.
I will however like to give a link which of the many I have read on Mark Driscoll seems to be the most thorough (filled with quotes and links).
I do however believe that those who like MD are 'entertained' by him or envy him because of his 'success' which is very sad. Whenever you have to go out of your way to defend what a minister/ministry teaches or does by highlighting 'BUT....look at this...consider the good here...'. I am convinced that such a name and those like him would have no voice if it wasn't for their numerical achievements (which are CONSTANTLY referenced/boasted).

Well here is the link: (BTW I don't know the site enough to give a blanket endorsement)



Mrs. Sewell (Professional Wife and SAHM)

thanks for the link! A lot of information I hadn't a clue about

God Bless
Crystal <><

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