Monday, December 7, 2009

Dad's role??

Check out this scripture:
2 Tim 1:5 I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.

Perhaps you've read this and even taught from this passage and yet I wonder have you ever asked 'what about the dad?'. Surely we should praise the Lord for the instruction and example of godly mothers and grandmothers BUT such a statement should at the LEAST cause us to pause and even CRY OUT "God forbid that be said of my child!"
I hope you would count that as an awful testimony concerning your FAILURE in the role of a godly father that what is commended of your child's godliness is credited to his/her mother, grandmother or anyone else and You as a father not even mentioned!
Perhaps you could receive credit for your child's academic achievements, athletic trophies, humor, connections etc... and all that will be VANITY (worthless) if your child is not instructed in righteousness by their FATHER.
With few exceptions, much about a man can be revealed through his children. Let a minister talk as much as he likes, let him acquire as many degrees as possible, let him write as many books as possible and yet if his children cannot testify to his life then it's all smoke. It's no hard task to convince strangers of our godliness, of our love for Jesus, and our zeal for His glory, but let someone ask our children "Tell me about your father, what does he love most?" or "What kind of man is your father?" what a thought! Would the last thing you'd expect them to say be 'He is a praying man!", "My daddy is a man after God's heart!", "This I know, Jesus is his treasure"??????
God has certainly not called you to be your child's coach! To drive them to accomplish their dreams (and live out yours). God has not called you to be their motivational guru who can lead you child to his/her best life now, to achieve 'success' and 'position' (all to YOUR pride). God has not called you to be their BUDDY, to spoil your children with all fun and NO discipline, no structure, no instruction, because you have this fluffy Disney idea of being a dad, that sir is not the plan. If you are the leader of the home, if the headship belongs to you, then you sir are called to LEAD in all things pertaining to godliness!
Let us seek the grace of God to produce diligence within us to pursue and honor the Lord in our duty as a father!


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