Monday, December 14, 2009

Difficulty in finding mentors and friends

Among young Christians I have found that many are indeed desperately looking for godly fellowship and godly leadership. These are young people who ACTUALLY honor their elders (old enough to be a parent/ grandparent) but aren't looking for GENERIC advice, but are looking for godly AND doctrinally strong older saints who are willing to pour into their lives.
At a recent conference, I overheard a young man ask this question to Bro Paul Washer, he wanted to know what you do when you don't have anyone in your life that can help or direct you (correct, rebuke, teach, encourage).
I personally know this dilemma too well and have to say (almost with jealousy) that if you are privileged to be around such then don't take that for granted, because you have something very rare. I really can't recall any older brothers in the Lord, that have attempted to pour in my life (sure I've been able to pull together straps from men who were strong in one area or another). I don't even know ONE older person in the LORD who is doctrinally sound and is actually disciplining someone.
To add to this dilemma it's not even very common to find believers within a church which are actually praying together, studying scripture together, worshipping together and holding one another accountable (you know TRUE fellowship), and that's not even mentioning how many in leadership are NOT doing this (from worship teams to elders). Once again if YOU have such a privilege and it seems common in YOUR church than you are incredibly BLESSED.
Oh how we should be pleading for the Lord to raise up godly examples and for God to BREAK us from all our formalities which never go past the surface. What exactly is the church WITHOUT this?
Yet I praise the Lord that He has provided many means for us to be exposed to wisdom through the media. Young people beware of the fads of the day, learn all you can from the saints who have gone before you. Listen to them tell you of the vanity of chasing the things of this world even in the guise of religion. I indeed FEAR and watch carefully the young, up and coming pastors whose churches explode with crowds and can tell you why.



Amem brother. One of the most wonderful things I find in our church fellowship here in Manchester, England, is how the brothers and sisters all hold each other accountable (including how they hold myself as their Pastor accountable). Seeing brethren being prepared to lay down their lives for one another creates an environment where the intimate love of Christ is felt.

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