Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Though the likelihood of Jesus being born around this time is quite ridiculous, it does us well to remember His birth.
In His birth we above all are reminded of His purpose, Jesus Christ had a MISSION to accomplish and He NEVER lost sight of that mission. Jesus Christ was born to die, He lived to suffer. It is right to say that Jesus Christ died for YOU, but more importantly we must remember that Jesus Christ died BECAUSE of YOU. In otherwords, had it not been for your sins, had it not been for mine, there WOULD BE NO CROSS!
The cross declares God's thoughts and feelings about SIN
The cross declares God's faithfulness to His promises
The cross declares God's upholding of His justice
The cross declares the super-abundance of His mercy and love towards YOU

At the cross we see Jesus Christ, the spotless Lamb taking the place of the condemned. Jesus Christ drains the cup of God's wrath that was filled with the cost of our sins. Jesus Christ secures salvation for His people by enduring their punishment. Instead of fairness, instead of demanding a full payment from all men, God gave grace at the cost of His cherished son, Jesus Christ! Our sins, MY sins demand PAYMENT, my crimes against the KINGDOM rule of God deserve nothing less then eternity in hell, yet instead of giving me, giving all men what they deserve, God gave men what they certainly DON'T deserve AND NEVER asked for, God gave grace! The saying goes like this, "You owe a debt, you can't pay, Jesus paid a debt He didn't owe".
In otherwords God loved the UNLOVABLE, God loved His enemies, Jesus Christ died in the place of rebels, not rebels fighting for a noble cause, but rebels who were fighting against the rule of God ('I want MY way"). As we were storming the gates of God's castle, He took His son to the gallows in order to pay for OUR treason.
Now we are called to "Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus". In otherwords we are now COMMANDED to turn away from our persitent and unproductive revolt against God's way, and turn to follow and embrace Jesus Christ as our ONLY hope and direction. The good news is that Jesus Christ has made a way where there was no way and the GREAT news is that He not only inititates this relationship, this salvation but also secures and FINISHES it. True Christianity, true and biblical salvation means a DRASTIC change in the life of the believer. God promises to MAKE His people 'New creatures' and to give them 'New hearts', which means God does an INTERNAL work upon His people, their very WILL (heart, desire, passion) is changed. The true believer is more than 'just a church goer', the true believer is a LOVER of Jesus Christ. Everything changes ultimately because his/her relationship to Jesus Christ changes, and to LOVE Jesus Christ means that we desire (desperately want/pursue and to a degree though with much failure, we ACHEIVE) to OBEY Him. We begin then to LOVE the things God loves and to HATE the things GOd hates, we go far beyond "I'm not allowed to..." but with new found desires we can now say 'I don't WANT to ......'
Praise the Lord, that He chose to save!


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