Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monster children

I was listening to Pastor Albert Martin's series on 'How not to foul up the training of your children' and he was the making the point how Christians should ABANDON the humanistic language that there are 'STAGES' for children ('terrible two's' 'teen stage' etc). Such language he pointed out has been adopted from godless teachers (psychologists) who believe that man is BASICALLY GOOD.
The scriptures however DO NOT present man (or children) in such a manner. The scriptures present mankind as totally depraved, as at enmity with God, as children of WRATH, as idolaters, as DEAD in sins and trespasses!
That means that are children, are sweet little innocent angels are nothing of the kind. They are hell-bent, sin-loving, God-hating, MONSTERS!
This quote came to my mind (it was my first exposure to such a thought when I first read this). here is what JC Ryle said in 'Holiness':

The fairest babe that has entered life this year, and become the sunbeam of a family, is not, as its mother perhaps fondly calls it, a little "angel," or a little "innocent," but a little "sinner." Alas! as it lies smiling and crowing in its cradle, that little creature carries in its heart the seeds of every kind of wickedness! Only watch it carefully, as it grows in stature and its mind develops, and you will soon detect in it an incessant tendency to that which is bad, and a backwardness to that which is good. You will see in it the buds and germs of deceit, evil temper, selfishness, self-will, obstinacy, greediness, envy, jealousy, passion-which, if indulged and let alone, will shoot up with painful rapidity. Who taught the child these things? Where did he learn them? The Bible alone can answer these questions!-Of all the foolish things that parents say about their children there is none worse than the common saying, "My son has a good heart at the bottom. He is not what he ought to be; but he has fallen into bad hands. Public schools are bad places. The tutors neglect the boys. Yet he has a good heart at the bottom."-The truth, unhappily, is diametrically the other way. The first cause of all sin lies in the natural corruption of the boy's own heart, and not in the school.

This among MANY reasons is why we MUST refuse to accept what the world teaches us concerning children. Above that we MUST be determined to be set free from our IGNORANCE as regards the state of our children, we must be aware of the sinful tendencies in our children: as a father of six boys I can already testify that they have different sinful tendencies and even different manifestations of the same sins. Don't EXCUSE sin as 'cute' or as something that will 'pass', the bible makes clear that those things which are dealt with DON'T pass, they GROW!
Call me crazy, but I'm thinking God knows your child better than you and knows how they need to be trained and disciplined better than you as well! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
(As regards small children )I'll give you a freebie: Training is not VEGGIE TALE movies and Discipline is not TIME-OUT. THEY need and you are COMMANDED (repeatedly) to give them the WORD (DOCTRINE) and the ROD (as Vance Havner put it 'Apply the BOARD of CORRECTION to the SEAT of LEARNING').
My advice on resources for childrearing, cancel any conference you plan to attend on the subject, fore go any workbook you plan to go through and rather GET THE SERIES BY ALBERT MARTIN on "how not to foul up the training of your children" (it appears the trinity pulpit website is experiencing problems with their media, so) go here for some (the complete series should be 40 messages)


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