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Permanence view of Marriage NO EXCEPTIONS

Permanence View of marriage
Well I came across this term a couple of months ago from a sermon by Voddie Baucham, he only briefly touched on it. When I heard it, I instantly REJECTED what I heard BEFORE he explained anything. Well what he said disturbed me for a while and THEN I noticed that he recently preached an entire sermon on the subject.
Well I have to say that I had to rethink what I've always heard and even have repeated. Pastor Voddie Baucham handles this subject incredibly graceful, in fact I'd have to say that THIS sermon is an example of how to proclaim a message based on you convictions while upholding respect for those who would differ.
So if you have ever experienced something like a divorce, you certainly WON'T be smashed in this sermon. Yet it is crucial to keep in mind those who ARE in fact married and are entertaining thoughts of divorce for whatever reason. It is also crucial to keep in mind YOUNG people or singles who are ABOUT to make a grave mistake in getting married to someone they SHOULD NOT.
Examine this sermon, consider what is said with a "Lord is it so?" attitude.


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Neal Doster

If any position on this issue doesn’t believe marriage should be permanent it wouldn’t be the Christian view. The problem with the permanence view is not the idea of permanent marriage. The problem comes when dealing with corresponding issues like adultery, divorce, and remarriage. The confliction within the permanence view leaves people confused. The permanence view introduces an enigma that the view itself can’t agree on. What to counsel the divorced and remarried?
This is the reason men who believe marriage should be permanent argue against the permanence view of marriage. They will not follow the unprecedented view of those within the permanence view who call for all those remarried after divorce to now divorce their present spouse and return to their first spouse.

Julius Mickel

Apparently, Neal u did not listen to the sermon and so the view u just described doen't fit is not what Voddie believes, however i would agree that the idea of divorcing in order to remarry the original spouse is not a solution, but indeed a sin. I would suggest not commenting further until u listen to the message.
Though i belive this was a legitimate conviction of pastor voddies, it isn't what i myself firmly hold to.

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