Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Signs indicating Preacher worship!!!

So there's a lot stirring about Celebrity preachers and even those who are called 'untouchables' meaning those who are able to get away with what others would be questioned about.
First off I don't want to ignore the fact that some people get a vile kick out of exposing or attempting to expose someone in ministry and those people should surely repent! Just as problematic are those who DON'T have a biblical understanding of the role of leadership and the honor God calls His people to give to those who watch over our souls and perhaps they are those who simply won't humble themselves enough to truly trust God in these matters. Finally there are those who aren't able to distinguish from giving honor to someone and being grateful for their labor without thinking they are praising men and stealing glory from God (It IS biblical to thank and praise others while recognizing that what is good in them is God in them!)

Now to the signs, the signals that reveal a unhealthy estimation of a preacher. I speak now of the terrible idolatry of hero worship and YES this DOES exist even in REFORMED circles. One major indicator that even in Reformed circles this unbalance exists, is the sad reality that 'successful' preachers are often measured by the same standards in mainstream churches: NUMBERS, POPULARITY, and BOOK SALES!!!

Though this can certainly be expanded, here are a few MAJOR red flags:

  • You are very slow to check (or you don't at all) things which are NEW, which may be something taught that you never heard before and/or even some new method
  • You are quick to DEFEND any criticisms or concerns of others about your fav Preacher BEFORE you have any of the details.
  • You receive with eagerness anything that is taught by this Preacher YET you are very SLOW to receive from others (even your local church pastor).
  • You are able to quote this Preacher more and do, THEN you can quote the BIBLE

This is a fearful trap to fall into and it's one which many have fallen into, this is why it's not suprising to find some believers going through a major crisis in their faith when their Fav preacher falls! Let us rather give honor where honor is due, WHILE maining our constant trust in the AUTHORITY of the scriptures to TEST all things (and all MEN). We are to be Bereans who seek to search the scriptures, who desire to be convinced as to what the scriptures teach.

Dear believer I pray that there is NO ONE whom you listen to or are under the ministry of which you let you guard down and blindly follow, not ONE of the the Apostles called for nor encouraged such idolatry! Get in the WORD and get the WORD in you.


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