Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where are the godly ministers???

I heard a comment recently really crystallized something I desired to blog about and that was from a sermon from Bro Paul Washer which he just preached at a conference in England (which is quite possibly the best sermon he's preached on the gospel).
In the beginning of the message, Bro Washer said this (paraphrase):
"One of the ways we see God's judgment/discipline on the church is by considering the men she has been given behind the pulpit. Men who don't rely on the power of God, but on psychology, sociology, anthropology, and the latest church growth fad......we need men who fear nothing but sin and their flesh!"

Is this not true of our day? Let us not forget that this DOES apply to the 'Reformed' bunch as well. Even among the 'young, reformed, and restless' there are plenty of young 'stars' who are known NOT for their holiness and devotion but are known for their innovation, their humor, their intellect, and for their model (method). Such a thing is no cause for rejoicing, but a cause for caution. Where indeed are the men who trust in the power of God? What does that mean? It means men who when asked how their churches have grown, have NO ANSWER, no model they can sell you.
It's a tragedy to see young ministers preaching at conferences ONLY because they have something of a mega-church, not because they have shown an incredibly UNIQUE degree of maturity in godliness and that God is extraordinarily blessing their preaching. There is a generation rising of young ministers with misplaced zeal who are too concerned with being 'successful' rather than being Christ-like. Ministers who hide behind ink on paper that says they are somebody because they went to so and so school, yet these same ministers are looking for godly counsel from older ministers because they already have their 'vision' for 'their' church.
We should pity and FEAR young ministers who REFUSE to listen to godly and biblical older ministers. Only a fool ignores the biblical counsel of godly men.
I for one was one of those young guys who couldn't be bothered with hearing what 'old' people had to say (probably thanks to age-segregation). I wanted a guy who could 'relate' or who was fairly 'cool' that until I got married. Marriage was partly like walking in the dark, until I began to see older men and ministers who were actually offering and displaying biblical models, it was in such an area (being a husband and father) that I was awakened to how much I need to learn (and relearn) from godly men who actually had a clue and lived it (or learned from their mistakes). Since then I'm continually seeing the vast treasure that is stored among those who have long walked with the Lord (and that with SOUND doctrine).

There will never be a shortage of men offering shortcuts, men who are more concerned about 'how can we get more people in here' then 'Lord, help me to be faithful."

What is needed most today is a generation of ministers who are convinced and pursing the REALITY that 'without Me(Christ), you can do nothing' Jn 15. Don't assume that your youthful ideas and inventions are gifts, they may very well be temptations. That is why in all his plans a minister MUST wrestle with God (in prayer and the word). This he should do because he CLEARLY sees that as the biblical model, all the while seeking insight from older ministers who will (despite his feelings) not tickle his ears, but will rebuke, correct, and encourage as needed.

There is much that can be learned from the defeats and victories of older ministers. It makes no sense to attempt to learn by trial and error when we have godly examples to learn from.


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