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apologetics and philosophy by Curt daniels

I wish to pass along this very clear, biblical and profound series on philosophy.
First allow me to suggest listening to a message on Christian apologetics that Pastor Curt Daniel gave during his church's annual conference (at this particular one Phil Johnson was the special speaker).
This message presents a case for biblical apologetics while pointing out the misguided (though well-intentioned) common methods of apologetics. The question isn't which one do you prefer to use or which one 'works' best, but which one is more consistently biblical!!!

Now as to the excellent series that Curt Daniel does on Christianity vs Philosophy, I just LOVE his ability to make hard things simple (hence the meaning of EXPOSITORY preaching/teaching). Curt Daniel before his conversion was in fact pursuing the field of philosophy. I especially like how he points out the fact that philosophy is that which Solomon calls VANITY, in fact he made the statement that 'a truly converted six year old KNOWS MORE about wisdom than the greatest philosopher' now that's what I call a clear lifting of the sufficiency of scripture!!!!

FOLLOW THIS LINK HERE for the whole series (short bible study lessons)

Further more, allow me to quote one evangelists (Kev Williams) observation concerning the use of apologetics:
Following Mason Vann's challenging post yesterday on apologetics, I listened to this sermon: -Defending The Faith-Curt Daniel Explains The Difference Between Good & Bad Apologetics & also this one, explaining that we should not get into arguments trying to prove the existence of God, and proof of the Bible etc and simply yield the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.Now I have long assumed as the Bible says in Romans 1, that deep down everyone knows that God and the Bible are the truth, but I often use apologetics to draw a crowd to preach the Gospel to. However I have noticed recently that the more apologetics are used, the weaker the preaching of the Gospel becomes. And so today I took Curt Daniel's excellent advice and used zero apologetics and simply answered each objection with that 'the Word of God says this...'; quoting a verse and explaining it.Curt Daniel used the analogy that if a criminal being arrested told the policeman: "I don't believe in guns" then the policeman would not just put his gun away, and yet that is what many Christians do when people say "I don't believe the Bible." Today, I answered each objection by simply proclaiming "this is what God's Word says..." and made it clear to people that when they argued against it, they are not arguing with me, but with God because I am just declaring what He says. At one stage when a drunken heckler (same one from last week) was arguing in front of me, with many of the crowd goading him on, when I said "no drunkards will enter Heaven." Many of the crowd started shouting out, how I had no right to judge this person. I replied "I'm not judging him, I am telling him and you what the Word of God says." And then I turned on the crowd and said "But you all are judging him, because you think you're better than this man is here. None of you would invite this man to your home, because you think you're good and that you're better than him." And they all went silent with conviction because they knew it was true. I said "I am not going to Heaven because I am better than you or him. Before I became a Christian I watched pornography, I lied, I stole, slept with girls outside of marriage, I got drunk, took drugs. And all of those things would have sent me to Hell." The crowd of course convicted as many of them knew they were doing the same. I then explained the way of salvation that I am going to Heaven because Jesus Christ on the cross has paid for all my Hell, using Scripture, explanations and pleading with people to come to Christ and be forgiven.



Hi Julius,

I enjoyed this post. I too have changed my apologetic approach and have started using "Biblical Apologetics". I had a conversation with Curt Daniel just yesterday asking him how he would deal with several objections to his approach and he answered all of them to my satisfaction with Scripture. After all, how can a believer (or an unbeliever) argue with the word of God?

Julius Mickel

yes brother, I believe this most glorifies God and leaves a person with His word and not your comebacks.

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