Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christians suffer from compromise

The Christian has full forgiveness and acceptance before the father because of the cross work of Jesus Christ. The love God has toward the believer never fades or fails, because we are loved as the perfect Son is loved, our sins have truly been COMPLETELY PAID for.

However even the Christian suffers much from sin, sin in the life of the believer carries with it consequences. The path of holiness is a path of happiness, while the path of compromise is a path of misery! A believer that lives in compromise, lives in opposition to the Spirit who works within him/her and such grieving of the Spirit causes innumerable internal disruptions. Sin not fought against is sin which has taken a portion of territory, territory which should be free of struggle and yet this sin is like a dam which has prevented the flow of grace to work in the whole man.
Regardless of the reality of grace that has been bestowed upon the believer, if there is compromise the full enjoyment of it will NEVER be realised.
Sin will rob you of joy!
Sin will rob you of peace!
Sin will rob you of assurance!
Sin will rob you of worship!
Sin will rob you of love towards others!
Sin will rob you of concern for the lost!
Sin will rob you of the good influence of your life towards others!
Sin will rob you of fruitfulness in ministry, marriage, and parenting!
Sin will rob you of faith!
Sin will rob you from the pleasure of bringing God GLORY by your life!

I by no means seek to imply that a true child of God can continue wholeheartedly in sin without repentance. The true believer HAS been transformed by the power of God, God the Holy Spirit works mightily within the life, passion, and pleasure of the true child of God, yet the child of God is not yet perfected and must undergo much struggle in his/her walk with God. The true child of God IS walking WITH God, WANTS to walk with God, and yet the child of God often strays from the WALK of God, yet not completely and not for long, BECAUSE God has vowed to conform him or her by any means necessary and WILL produce ever increasing fruit in him or her!
The true child of God CANNOT compromise UNAFFECTED, he or she WILL experience torments even as Lot who lived in Sodom experienced.
2 Peter 2:7-8
and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard)—
Friend if there is 'sin in the camp' and it's not being dealt with, then you are deceiving yourself, especially if you seek to find comfort somewhere else other than in the wells of grace. In other words until you REPENT, you will rind no relief though you make many excuses, though you surround yourself with people who 'encourage' and pray for you, because they are attempting to give you a remedy without knowing the malady, however YOU do know where this beast lies and unless you slay it, expect nothing but torment.
Not only will prolonged sin cause torment, but it will also be the cause of bitter repentance. Though repentance is sweet and cleansing immediate, if sin is given room to grow, it will spread like gangrene, it will lodge itself deeper and into your heart, which will call for a more extensive and painful extraction. Peter experienced such bitter repentance when he, as was told, denied His Lord, Peter's sin was compounded by the repetition of it and even the prior refusal to agree with the prediction of Christ and the vial and empty proclamation of allegiance to the point of death. Peter didn't say 'well this was expected, and I am saved by grace, so no need to overreact since I'm already free, I'll just think upon God's love and praise Him since it's not like I have to earn it!' No, friend Peter was absolutely CRUSHED and rightly so, his was the biblical response to sin, we yes find comfort in God's grace but NEVER in our sin.
C.H. Spugeon said it like this:
'An old saint on his sickbed once used this remarkable expression: “Lord, sink me low as hell in repentance; but”—and here is the beauty of it—“lift me high as heaven in faith.” Now, the repentance that sinks a man low as hell is of no use except there is the faith also that lifts him as high as heaven! The two are perfectly consistent, the one with the other. A man may loathe and detest himself; and all the while, he may know that Christ is able to save and has saved him. In fact, this is how true Christians live. They repent as bitterly for sin as if they knew they should be damned for it; but they rejoice as much in Christ as if sin were nothing at all.'

Let us then be quick to repent and seek God, His grace is available!


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