Thursday, January 14, 2010

the DARK side of making resolutions or goals

It appears that we the church have adopted a practice which really isn't all that biblical, yet I don't mean to say it's ANTI-biblical, and that is the practice of making resolutions or setting goals.
I was recently listening to a message by John Macarthur and as usual on his broadcasts there is the short intro before the message, well Macarthur was asked about whether he sets goals for the church or self. Macarthur made it clear that he doesn't do that, but RATHER seeks to be 'faithful', even in preaching he said he doesn't set goals as to how many sermons he will preach on a particular book, Marthur pointed out that life just doesn't work like that (or with that), he also made the point that goals can be misleading.
Now why would it ever be an unwise thing to set goals?
Well it's a two-sided problem:
If we set a 'goal' and achieve it, perhaps we will be slow to do more as we are filled with PRIDE, when in all actuality the Lord may be calling for us to do so much more.
If we set a 'goal' and don't achieve it, we may set ourselves up for condemnation and doubt, when in all actuality we may have been biblically faithful to what God called us to do.

For example let's take a common one for Christians; reading through the bible in a year! Well that's nice and dandy if that works out for you, but what about the days where your thoughts and heart could read much much more?? Do you then stop at the 'goal'? Or let's take it from another angle, if you miss or fall short of your 'goal' then will you stop because you can't possibly finish the 'goal'? Rather you should seek to spend TODAY with the Lord, so you missed the beat yesterday, well today is a new day, seek to be faithful today (to your need for Him and His desire for you).

Churches often fall prey to this with their 'vision-casting', which is more akin to the business world. A church, a preacher, should not be as concerned with whether or not they are fulfilling their vision, as to be FAITHFUL to what God has called them to be!



Is there a difference between making plans and setting goals?

Julius Mickel

yes it seems so, especially since plans can be flexible. THe problem is when we ignore what the scriptures call us to and seek to create our own goals.
We creatures are too prone to molest good plans into dry and meaningless checklists as opposed to fruitful devotion.
grace and peace bro


Yeah, people do like their checklists, don't they?

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