Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you want to PREACH???

So you think you can preach, you think you're called to the ministry? Perhaps others have recognised this as well, and you can't WAIT to get behind that pulpit and do your thang. Yet there is that one obstacle, that one word you don't want to hear, 'PATIENCE'.
May I tell you that 'patience' will SAVE you from yourself and SAVE others from YOU! As you have to wait, you will begin to learn how to better explain and better effect others for the glory of God. You should consider it a MERCY that you haven't had MANY opportunities to preach, for you would have had much to repent of towards God and man, and in no way whatsoever do I mean your eloquence.
Well for most of us, if we have any grasp of truth, of the GOSPEL, of the problems we face in the church today, then in our YOUTHFUL (mixed with flesh) zeal, we may try with all our might to offend EVERY single person we preach to, seeking to smash down every little thing we've noticed, to expose every form of hypocrisy and weakness, all the while leaving every TRUE child of God feeling crushed and forsaken by God. In otherwords, we are preaching as though we ourselves were angels and as if the church itself are demons. It is an attitude of preaching which doesn't grasp what Jesus was telling Peter after His resurrection; 'Do you love me?'....then 'feed my sheep'! It's something which Peter began to grasp later when admonished preachers to:
1 Peter 5:2,3 Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; not for shameful gain, but eagerly; 3not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock.
In otherwords, you should NEVER seek to preach to the 'CHURCH' (though within a church there may be many false professors) UNTIL you actually desire to see the body of Christ edified. If you lack a HEART for the people of God, and only wish to preach in a "JUST DO IT, YOU IMBECILES" attitude, all the while trying to be a Leonard Ravenhill, while you CLEARLY lack the ability to lead by example. Of course you could ignore things like family faithfulness, humility, servant-hood, and just harp on your strong points like street preaching and hours upon hours in prayer while you make everyone feel like they are lost, though their life ACTUALLY bears more fruit (and testimony to Christ), all the while finding comfort in the fact that your being persecuted and that you're one of the few REMANTs left, dear brother you will SOON have your ELIJAH experience (I kings 19)- you're NOT alone AND you still have much to learn!

Every preacher MUST be resolved to preach Christ and to preach for the glory of God, which ALSO entails a fear of giving undue comfort to the LOST (wicked) and undue grief to the true BELIEVER. The evangelistic heart of a preacher should cry out 'oh for men to be saved!!' and at the same time the pastoral heart of the preacher should cry 'oh for the people of God to grow in the knowledge of God', that's NOT to say if you have and do such, that you will become popular, but you will then be ready to be faithful!


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