Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Greatest hindrance to GOOD child training

Parents are given the duty and delight of training their children in the Lord, and that according to His word. This is not a simple task, for it will not only take much study and much re-learning, beyond that it will demand constant attention, in short MUCH grace!
Given the best scenario possible, there is one major factor which will effect all the training (teaching, exhortation, correction) that you give to your children: The most vital aspect of good parenting, biblical parenting is a BIBLICAL EXAMPLE!
It would be better to attend Rick Warrens church, throw your kids in the school of Ceasar (sorry, I mean public school) and have little to no involvement in their personal lives, THEN to homeschool them, teach them to memorize Calvin's Institutes by their 5th birthday, dress like pilgrims, learn to play Bach, as you live a LIFE of HYPOCRISY before their eyes.
Hypocrisy in the life of Christian parents will teach a child one of two things:
1. That Christianity is an external religion, and one must strive to look their best (legalism)
2. That Chrisitanity is just a JOKE, one big and extended costume party (Antinomianism)

Perfection is something NONE will attain to in this life, and surely not in the area of parenting, yet what our children desperately need to see, is our devotion to the Lord. They need to witness our repentance in all our failings, they need to know that we are what we are by the grace of God.


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