Saturday, January 23, 2010

In our FAILURE, He is faithful

The mercy of the Lord ENDURES forever!
When the Lord decided to SAVE you and give you a heart which loves and follows Him, when the Lord washed away your sins and declared you JUSTIFIED before His eyes on the behalf of Christ being your substitute, He not ONLY knew how VILE and wicked you WERE, but He was quite aware of how weak and pitiful your response would be AFTER your conversion. Though the change was drastic, though you were brought from darkness to light, and though IT IS CLEAR that you walk a different path, a narrow path, you still continue to discover that there's so much more you COULD and SHOULD be, yet you aren't.
Dear Saint though you may suffocate under the idea that you have much to repent of, let it be remembered that His love towards you NEVER fails, it NEVER fades, but is constantly poured out upon you.
2 Timothy 2:13
if we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself.
Though you may stray, He will not leave you to yourself, God WILL bring you back to Him, and cause you to grow in Him, He will FINISH the work He started, you will be BROUGHT home (to glory).You will never grasp the depths of His grace, for they are beyond imagination and unceasing, OH what grace has been poured on such a one as you, as such a one as ME!

Consider the truth of this song by Tim Brindle:
Lord, is there any more mercy left/For this stubborn stiff-neck sinner who flirts with death/Any more goodness for me to smell and taste/Or have I dried up all the wells of grace/Could your fountain of love be empty/Jesus, is there any more of your blood to cleanse me/As soon as I thought I got this sin beat/I’m knocked from my feet and dropping in deep/‘Cause I played the whore and despised your glory/Even though you’ve only shown kindness towards me/I belittled your worth and spurned your Bible/Plus I turned aside to worthless idols/But in the mountains of your riches/There is abundant grace and storehouses of forgiveness/So I’m no longer doubting calamity/I thank you that I’m not kicked out of your family/I’m that snotty nose kid who trips-my knees are cut/But you never leave me down you lift and clean me up/So I’m running back to the cross/Where you suffered wrath for my sin I can’t fathom the cost/So when the enemy’s condemning me ‘cause I offended Thee/I remember that my penalty was paid/So the Judge ain’t mad/‘Cause He took His anger out on You like You were His punching bag.


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