Friday, January 8, 2010

The worst thing that could be said of a preacher

Albert Martin said that the worst thing a preacher could be called is 'unbiblical' and the second worst is 'boring'!
When most leaders refer to 'boring' preachers, they aren't usually speaking of what the average church goer is saying. The average church goer would call 'boring' anything that lacks 'entertainment', anything which calls you to 'think' and to be 'serious'.
For a preacher to be 'boring' or completely uninteresting can mean much more than the obvious. This usually implies that the preacher lacks 'PASSION' by passion I don't mean certain forms of emotion, yet some element of emotion MUST be present. For those who don't have itching ears and wish to hear the truth, a boring preacher will be that men who preaches as though he doesn't believe what he is saying.
Secondly a 'boring' preacher is also one who doesn't LIVE as he preaches, in otherwords he preaches one way and lives another. His sermons sound like he's beating the sheep and the sheep don't respond because they know him too well.
It is preaching which is missing what Martyn Lloyd-Jones coined as true preaching 'theology on fire'. The preachers life is his sermon, and his sermons should be full of life!

'One of the reasons for the disinterest in expository preaching is surely that so many attempts at it prove lifeless, dull, and even thoroughly boring. I never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity of those who are capable of taking the powerful, life-changing text of Scripture and communicating it with all the passion of someone reading aloud from the Yellow Pages!'
Alistair Begg

Such a thought should cause every minister to seek grace to be faithful, to examine himself and desire others to examine him as well.
The worst company a preacher can have and that goes especially for elders (if there is a plurality) is to be surrounded by 'YES' men. Elders when was the last time you had to take the pastor or preacher aside and reprove him? Preacher when was the last time you actually desired, welcomed, and responded (in humble repentance) to someone pointing out something in your preaching or life???


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