Monday, February 1, 2010

Courageous Women!!! Praise them.

Proverbs 31:30 ...a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised!!!

Without a doubt when I think of a woman who fears the Lord, I am first blown away by the grace God has given me, my wife. Of course I did have the unusual experience of being there when she came to the Lord (the first time I met her....not to mention that I was the preacher). All that to say I have observed God's grace working in her and even more astounding watched her patiently bear with ME. I'm delighted by the fact that she's so sensitive to the scriptures and this is the core of her convictions, not anyone's influence or any type of church molding her thoughts. Her striving to be a homemaker, a godly wife and mother, her desire to accept the blessing of children, and her conviction to teach them has no origin in someone's influence, no special conference, or cluster of women, just the scriptures!!! I am truly blessed to know that despite my varied issues and weaknesses my wife always 'honor's' me, in fact though she is incredibly shy, she will by the grace of God correct another woman if that woman begins to 'beat up' her husband. She truly is a quiet spirit who's works follow her (it takes no special grace for a women to be LOUD, whether that be her voice, her style, her attitude whatever, but one which can lead by example is praiseworthy)!

Considering the assault against the godly image of a woman in our society today, the pressure is unthinkable, yet greater then that is the pressure from within the walls of the church. The pressure is greater because it's so unexpected, a godly woman should expect to find encouragement, exhortation and fellowship within the local church, while too often she's shunned or ignored. It takes COURAGE to seek to be faithful in such circumstances, knowing that you might be out casted, misunderstood, and even slandered for your desire to be faithful and not conform to this world, praise God for such.

Are there extremes??? Aren't there always?! Yet it's much more profitable to consider the truth of a matter then to conjure up horror stories of women who in their 'zeal' were probably lost or deceived.


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