Thursday, February 11, 2010

HUSBANDS!! Wives are not WASTE disposals

Marriage is a beautiful thing, where believers have the incredible privilege of serving and being served by one another. In a godly marriage, we have the privilege of being able to share problems and lighten each others burdens.
With that said, there are still boundaries which must not be crossed within a marriage. Of all things we humans have MAJOR problems with our BIG mouths, but the believer is to strive to control such a creature for the glory of God.
Though I could speak of the sin of a spouse dishonoring one another by venting their personal problems to mom, dad, and all their friends in their quest to find a sympathetic ear. I could also speak about spouses painting horrific pictures of one another to their children attempting to gain their favor against one another. These are inexcusable sins!
Yet I wonder dear husband, that in your delight of having a 'help-mate' do you abuse your wife? Do you treat her as though she has no temptations to fight, as though she can take in filth and consistently convert it to sweetness? My point is this, do you use the ears of your wife as a vent for all your frustrations, doubts, discontent, etc...?
I've seen husbands take every unbridled thought and feeling they have concerning the church, it's members, it's leaders, it's sermons and DUMP them on their wives. Is that acceptable? NO! Every thought must first be brought to the obedience of Christ, every frustration and objection must be carefully weighed before it's let out. I fear too many do this, then in due time realize that they may have overreacted BUT they don't make those comments to their wife.
In relation to the church, it's leaders, it's teaching, there needs to be a seeking after humility in order to come to some aspect of level thinking. This is the most dangerous are of concern because it's too easy to comfort your sin in your supposed 'zeal for God's glory', yet you stir STRIFE in the one you should be nurturing, this sir is wickedness!!
If you truly recognize issues, then you must pray for wisdom in how to address them. When you speak to your wife, it should be for confirmation and for prayer in what to do. In matters of the church, the hardest thing to do is the most biblical thing to do, and that's to first seek the Lord (then your wife UNLESS she is in such a state where it WOULD only add to her TEMPTATIONS-protect her), then to speak to the leadership! I would warn you though, it takes nothing for a minister to tell his listeners to 'test what I say..... point out something if I'm off' but how rare it is (though I have seen it) for a minister to actually WELCOME it, and though you speak the truth in love don't EXPECT to be embraced (though it's possible).
Even in our supposed zeal we must be careful in what and how we speak to our wives, we must consider the effect of the words we speak and we must PAY attention to the effects of our words!



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