Friday, February 19, 2010

hypocritical external standards of MEN and HUSBANDS

Nothing to deep here, but I hope if this applies to you that you would seek to fix the problem.
If I was asked what's one of the most important principles regarding marriage? I would answer 'To spend much time concentrating on YOURSELF' as the norm would be to FIX your spouse!
One area that seems to be QUITE problematic is the view of 'looking attractive' WITHIN your marriage. I know this could be hit from many angles but let's stick to this one:
Typically it goes something like this,
Men care about the way they look WHEN they are trying to GET the girl, but ONCE you are MARRIED why workout? why dress nice (i didn't say expensive, but NICE)? Why shower? Why get a haircut? Why shave? Why bother with cologne? YET at the same time, many of these men HYPOCRITICALLY demand/expect (expressed or not) such of their wives!!!
That's QUITE a selfish standard! Why not LOOK in the mirror now and then before you look down upon your wife!

Here's a tip: Get a treadmill, an ab cruncher, and a pull up bar!

As far as the style goes, brother Voddie Baucham has a q&a section so ask him OR find a brother who's a brother (black man), I'm HALF so I might also be some help.


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