Thursday, February 11, 2010

Make NO assumptions concerning CHILDREN

A child of a believer is sanctified by the influence of the godly parent or parents, this sanctification however is NO guarantee of their salvation. Whether the child has been baptised, dedicated, circumcised, or brought up under a NAZARITE standard MAKES NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever to their eternal state, the child is NO closer to salvation then anyone else.
Each child MUST be brought to understand that they are DESPERATELY in need of SALVATION, that until they display the FRUITS of salvation they have no right to BELIEVE they are saved. It is deceptive to treat an unconverted child as a Christian, because of something that has been done to them EXTERNALLY, every child must be convinced that they need something done to them INTERNALLY!
We must seek to teach our children the GOSPEL and their need of it.
We must CONTINUALLY pray for their SALVATION (it is NOT a display of faith to 'CLAIM' salvation for our children, rather to believe is to pray)
When we pray for our children we must do so in the spirit of pleading for mercy. Too many parents take the witness stand for their child AGAINST God! In otherwords they make a case for their children, attempting to convince God that their children deserve to be saved.Likewise many parents who would consent to the biblical truths of regeneration and it's fruits, contradict themselves when it comes to their children, they apply the tests of scripture to all they know EXCEPT their children (they make ample allowances for their child's deficiencies). On the contrary we should be praying like this: "Lord, I pray you would have mercy on my child, for you well know he deserves to rot in hell for his wickedness, but I pray you would be pleased to draw and save him........."
We should pray for them IN FRONT OF THEM, this is a great way to show the importance of their eternal state, as well as displaying that this is the most important concern that you have for them.
We should discipline, teach and encourage them for the glory of God! We must not assume that such training will MAKE them Christians, rather we do this in obedience to the scriptures. We are to raise our children in this way because we have been given a stewardship from the Lord and it's His right alone, to tell us HOW to do it!


Alex Johnson

Very well written article brother!

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