Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prayerlessness is Hyper-Calvinism, CONRAD MBEWE

Conrad Mbewe at the True Church Conference made a very succinct comment concerning the subtle forms of hyper-Calvinism when it comes to us loving sinners.

Conrad Mbewe make the point that one way to spot hyper-Calvinism in the church is to look at it's PRAYER MEETING. He pointed out that any church which claims to be evangelistic but has a dead prayer meeting is hyper-Calvinistic. Likewise he said that any preacher who claims to have evangelistic preaching who's prayer closet is empty is a hyper-Calvinist.

Accurate? I think so!
Prayer is a means of grace which God has chosen to use in the salvation of souls
Prayer is also a means of grace to cause the believer to have more love towards the lost
Prayer is an expression of faith, especially to perform a miracle such as conversion
Prayer is also an expression of our true desires, we pray most for what we care about most
Prayer is also a united and unifying expression of the local church
Prayer is a means of deflecting glory from us and exalting God's grace


Berean Wife


Thanks for sharing this. :) If you don't mind I'm going to quote you since my husband hadn't written this out. He thinks you sat in front of him tonight. He will look for you tomorrow AM if you are still there.

Berean Wife

Julius Mickel

Tell him to look for my curly hair and 4 incredibly handsome mini-gentlemen plus my dear wife!
I certainly wouldn't miss Sunday morning, it's one of the highlights!!

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