Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So many Timothys, very few Pauls (ladies included)

Conrad Mbewe at the True Church Conference 2010, gave the excellent advice that young men should be seeking a Paul. That elders should be looking for Timothys to pour into.
This is in accordance with the biblical mandate for the older to teach the younger. This is perhaps the GREATEST lack within the church today (a large majority). This is the danger of so many young people coming to reformed truths, and young couples wrestling things like, wives desiring to be homemakers, homeschooling, catechizing among other things.
Why is this such a problem?? It's such a problem because so many young people are trying to figure out things which others have already lived and so they attempt to do these things without oversight and for the most part they fall into a myriad of extremes.
This TOO is why many have turned to websites, blogs, and online sermons, because they desperately long to learn from older saints. Likewise there are plenty of young men, men in Seminary who have NEVER had close oversight, never attended a healthy church and so they continue in their studies believing that at the end they will be fully equipped for service. However the truth is that they are in great need of close oversight, and practical service with humbling correction and direction. I have met my share of brothers who are in seminary or have recently graduated who have a lot of zeal, a lot of ideas, and thoughts but who seem to lack the humility to seek honest advice from others, lacking the desiring to submit themselves (because they have never had to). The best thing these brothers could do is to find oversight and if that means leaving school to join a church where their character will grow then praise God because the people they will one day shepherd will be most thankful.
Concerning the ladies, my wife made the point that in a previous church which was very large and did have a wide spectrum of age groups, that the problem was that almost ALL the older women worked (ones who were VERY well off). This of course limited even the POSSIBILITY of those who could and SHOULD being helping older teens and young wives/mothers to learn how to do so in accordance with the scriptures. If this was being done within the local church family then there would also be the God-ordained oversight of leaders who would be there to protect such women from extremes (including legalism).
Dear saint if you have already raised a family, if you have decades upon decades of walking with God then surely you have much to give. If you are mature in the faith then others desperately need to hear from your victories and losses.


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