Friday, February 26, 2010

Souls are NEVER test-dummies, children, lost crowds, inmates, homeless etc

One of the most frustrating things to watch is the attitude given towards less glamourous aspects of gospel ministry. These less glamourous ministries are the ones which numerous amts of 'volunteers' are thrown into without any concern to their qualifications. Such ministries are seen as 'stepping stones' to the bigger and better things, you know the 'real ministries' like pulpit preaching.
In otherwords you will find many people recruited for street witnessing, for children's teachers, for prison ministry, for teen church, for missions work etc who take very lightly their responsibility to those souls. The standards for such 'workers' within the average church is as low as possible and that's not to mention the abscence of anyone actually monitoring what's being taught in those situations. Even for those who wholeheartedly support para-church ministries and age-segregation in the church (nursery, toddlers, childrens church, junior high church, high school church, young adults etc) treat those 'special' pastors as less then 'real'. Have you ever watched what happens when someone says "I'm a youth pastor" or a "children's pastor" the reply is usually a degrading 'oh really, that's nice' in otherwords 'well keep at it and one day you'll do REAL ministry'. Doesn't sound like a belief in age-segregation, nor does the loose attitude to who's chosen to perform such ministries.
Regardless of your view of such ministries, one thing is essential: the handling of souls should NEVER be taken lightly. Whether it's children, teens, adults, rescue mission people, prisoners, and so on, we are never given the right to treat anyone as a test-dummie.



It is frightening when I hear Pastors describe an associate Pastor as "not ready" for the pulpit, but then they put him in charge of a youth group to develop. Since when are the souls of children of lesser value? The real test is whether or not a head Pastor will still "stoop" to do work at a mission, youth gathering or street corners from time to time.

Julius Mickel

Amen, that's exactly the kind of thing I've seen time and time again. I've also seen such ministers though 'their not ready' given the ability to teach whatever they want and the other elders don't even know what is being taught.


It has been my experience that is the usual route that the Emergent heresy creeps in; through unsupervised youth pastors. I just don't understand the apathy of elders and pastors anymore,I really don't.

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