Saturday, February 20, 2010

True church conference 2010 is ON

We are having a wonderful time this year at the True Church Conference, my wife and the oldest four boys.
The preaching, the worship, the resources, the testimonies, and the fellowship is very edifying.
Unfortunately it's not as well attended as it has been in the past. Which may be due to a number of reasons:
The subject of hyper-Calvinism (we don't need to address that??)
Preacher Worship--Paul Washer NOT being there

Well for those who are not here, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!
What makes this conference UNUSUAL is the ACCESSIBILITY to godly leaders who have DILIGENTLY fought to see reformation in the church, men who ARE reaching out to the lost and seeking to see the body of Christ purified!

Notes are being blogged at the website


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