Friday, February 26, 2010

Voddie on DESPISING of children

Voddie Baucham says this:

In our culture, in America for the first time, our birth rate is below replacement rate.
Replacement rate is 2.1 children per family. We are at 1.9. Now we are not as bad as
much of the industrialized world. For example in France I think they are around 1.5
children per family. In Italy they are somewhere around 1.1 children per family.
Now, in case you don’t understand what that means, what that means is we are not having
enough children for our culture to continue to survive. Our culture is dying one
generation at a time.
Now, let me put skin on that for you. France, they have a birth rate of about 1.5.
However, there are North African Muslims and Arab Muslims who have emigrated into
France and we saw some unrest because of those folks. Their birthrate is about six
children per family which means in two generations France will be a Muslim nation by
sheer numbers alone. Why? Because they want prosperity more than they want
children. And it is the same for us.
Now let me put these two pieces of statistical information together. At two children per
family, Southern Baptists, because we are no better than the rest of the culture on this,
our attitude towards children is a boy for me and a girl for you and praise the Lord we are
finally through. Amen. It is an unwritten rule that you can only have two kids.
However, there is one exception to the unwritten rule where you can have a third child
and that is if your first two children were the same sex you get to try one more time for
the other. That is the unwritten rule.
We despise children in our culture. We despise children in the Southern Baptist
You don’t believe me? Find a woman with six or seven kids and follow her into a
Southern Baptist Church and watch the way we mock her. Watch the way people who
don’t even know her

RANTING and RAVING??? I think not, in fact as a father of 6 boys and a keen observer of reactions to other families I can say this is absolutely the norm in the majority of churches. I bless and wish to encourage every family that desires to have many blessings (children), but be forewarned once you get to the third (+) pregnancy (past the accepted norm) regardless of all the talk you hear, you will see a clear change in the attitudes of many.
One great reason of this common attitude towards children is the REALITY that they are little sinners that take MUCH attention and energy. Such sacrifice in todays selfish society does not seem to be worth it, and so children are seen as a nousiance to be shunned. 'Out of sight, out of mind' or 'Seen but not heard' are the mission statements of the day, as is seen in things like daycares, church nursery, 'childrens' church, backseat dvd players for long trips, supermarket daycares, video shopping carts, individual I-pods for every kid and so on.
HELP?? For those who don't understand let me paint it a little better, all the offers for help almost cease upon the third pregnancy (or the next), I don't mean the financial help, but people that actually want to be around those households or join in the discipling process . It's unfortunate how some large families who are desperate for fellowship and encouragement move or travel accross the country to find it, and more unfortunate are those who wind up going to extremes because they joined some group for support which had no biblical oversight and encouraged divisiveness!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the church moving as one big family that is actually involved in the lives of each other. A family that isn't trying to impress one another, but actually has a united goal of growing together in Christ. A family that can actually influence the growth of each other, through accountability, honesty, and humility!


Alex Johnson

Great post!

I appreciate your blog brother! I praise God that He is glorified in using you to proclaim His gospel!

My wife and I will be married 9 years this September. While we thought we would have more children by now we are praising God for blessing us with our 2nd son 7 years after our first son.

God is Great!

Will continue praying for you and yours!

Julius Mickel

thank you for the encouragment. I have a friend who's been married over 5yrs and desperately wants LOTS of children, yet they have none (at present they foster and are about to adopt their first).

It's quite odd to see couples who can that don't and then couples that can't and yet want more.

God bless yall.

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