Saturday, February 20, 2010

What are you crying for??

In asking myself this question, I wish to ask you as well.
When it comes to persistent and pleading prayer, what is it that you are CURRENTLY praying for?? Are you pleading with the Father for a specific miracle, something which has gripped your heart for days/weeks/months/years???
I don't mean the honorable mentions, you know the grocery list prayer mentions.
If you're like me, then when you hear someone say 'I'm praying for you' you don't get too excited because you don't expect that to mean they are losing sleep over you.
I speak of those things which consume your thoughts, your affections.
It could be:

  • For a specific breakthrough or direction in ministry.
  • Someone you are longing to see saved.
  • What about a fellow believer who you are pleading for (some sort of deliverance or need to be meet).
  • Personal sanctification (more of a burden for the lost, more love towards the brethren, more patience, more humility etc...) perhaps something that has pierced you under God blessed preaching.

Something is QUITE wrong if we are NOT pleading for something. Certainly in this area we all have the same amt of access, the difference lies in the USE of what's available. Dear believer give yourself to going OFTEN before the THRONE OF GRACE. We should live in the reality that the VEIL is torn!


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