Saturday, March 6, 2010

How much worse do public schools get before they are labeled so??

May I speak hoping that you have not lived under a cave or that you suffer from amnesia?!

Then I wonder for those who encourage children to be sent to public schools:

How bad does it need to get before you pull them out?
How dangerous?
How many shootings before you would pull them out?
How many rapes before you would pull them out?
How many sexual abuse cover-ups before you would pull them out?
How graphic and aggressive would sex class (including homosexuality) need to get before you pull them out? (If you like research and are having trouble forcing yourself to THROW-UP then look up some of the things being taught or about to be, in schools even elementary school)
How anti-Christian and pro-heresy before you pull them out?
How poor do the education results need be (this is probably the ONLY one truly considered by many-the god of education/credentials) before you pull them out?
How intense does the pressure of temptation need be before you pull them out?

In addition to THAT, how much time (hrs a day) do you devote to WASHING out that filth and pouring into them the truths which GOd commands you to teach your children??

May I also be so bold to ask, if you have such 'faith' and you truly are using your children as a light in a dark place (given they've OBVIOUSLY shown yrs of saving evidence) then do you ALLOW (send them) them to go to similar places?? Similar places I say? Yes given the 'school' environment:
Other similar places would be clubs, house parties, street corners at night, even visiting (with 'friends' of course) JW's temples, going to MASS, Buddhist temples, etc.. Oh is that different? Are such places less safe? Less endoctrinating? Less influential?
Or is it that those places are simply not 'accepted' places, and there isn't the illusion of good intentions and safety?


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