Thursday, March 11, 2010

Martial sex is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed!!

Sex within marriage is ordained of God and that even before the fall. The Lord has created us in such a way that we would find immense pleasure in such a union with our spouses. Let none think it strange to desire their spouse and that often, let none think it pious to restrain themselves because they wrongly perceive that such pleasure must be fleshly.

The only reluctance I have to such a subject is to stay incredibly clear of perverse and wordly treatments concerning the subject like Mark D, who defiled his bed by spilling intimate details about his wife-which she stated was something she had to get used to! MEN I purposely point out this selfish act because your WIFE should NEVER have to get 'used to' you sharing intimate details about the marriage bed!

Husbands! Wives!

Let this one rule PREVAIL in your intimate relations, SEEK TO PLEASE YOUR SPOUSE!!!

That means putting effort into understanding what pleases your spouse, that means paying attention to their body language and not being afraid to speak about sex (though it may seem uncomfortable). This is all ordained of God for you, and since it's of God, it's also perfectly acceptable to ACTUALLY pray for help in this area!

As with marriage as a whole, we must seek to put our spouse before self, we will find our greatest joy in our service to one another. This also means not withholding intercourse from one another because we're offended by something the other spouse doesn't even realise. We must seek reconciliation and seek to maintain a DESIRE to please and serve one another (in all things).

However this union is a SACRED union and being so it's also a PRIVATE union, that means it's NEVER acceptable for a spouse to act like a wicked teenager by spilling details to their friends or even making jokes about their spouse (I was almost tempted to say Men don't do this, but for those clueless on the issus some women ALSO spill details).

grace and peace


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