Monday, March 15, 2010

NEW BLOG gospel filled

I have begun a NEW blog.
This blog is dedicated to proclaiming the gospel to the lost. It is intended for all who might fit under that category including the 'religious'. I've had it for about a month (though I've tried to hide it) and might make some more changes (as it's not exactly how I want it, but I'll get over it).
Please consider linking this blog (make bumper sticks even, who knows)as a blog not filled with a lot of Church language, nor will I personalize it with pics and the like, nor will I seek to proclaim anything that would fall under secondary issues.
Be on the lookout for testimonies as well, I plan to (time permitting) post a plethora of diverse testimonies (including the 'I thought I was saved but......')
As well as pointing out things like 'What Christianity is NOT......' (including health/wealth, Catholic and other perversions).
It is my understanding that such a blog is quite rare, and so I saw the need.

grace and peace



May I suggest embedding the testimony of Charo Washer? On my blogs ( and I try to use Paul Washer material lightly, only for the reason that his material has a LOT of coverage and people promoting it, but his wife's testimony is too good to pass up! It is a perfect video to address cultural Christianity. It can be found here:

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