Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The second generation, Al Martin -must hear 4 Parents, children 8pts

I beg every parent, teacher, leader, AND able child to listen to this gem of a series from Pastor Albert Martin.
This series is a rare find, because it deals specifically with the unique struggles that second generation Christians may come against. This series would be a great means of equipping, warning, and encouragement for every CHristian parent and every child (even grown-up ones)raised by Christian parents! ESPECIALLY 'good' parents!

The Means of Saving Grace 1

Loving, Biblically Framed Nurture 2

Struggles with Assurance of Salvation

Damning Delusion of Presumption 4

Danger of Neglect and Hardness of Heart 5

Struggling with the Spirit of Pharisaism 6

Struggling with the Spirit of Legalism 7

Struggling with the Spirit of Materialism 8


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