Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Simplifying Church part 2

One major obstacle to the simplification of the local church is the assumed foundation of that church. I mean the preconceived concepts of what a church must have in order to be a 'church'.
The programs, the groups, the activities, the statements, the 5yr plans, the building, the age segregation, the gender segregation, the events, etc...
Too many churches attempt to mimic the diversity and complexity of larger and older churches. Whereas a church which questions such 'norms' is considered radical, but in actuality that church is simply being realistic and practical.
Would it not make much more sense for the local church to begin first with what's of the utmost importance? The ministry of the word, the collective praises and prayers of the saints, and true fellowship! Shouldn't the greatest attention be given to the most important functions of the local church?
While the local church seeks simplicity it must also defend against the 'every other church has this or that' mindset, the list of 'must-haves' seems to be ever growing and as you may suspect that without any biblical reference.
This simplicity, might mean that when you speak of your church to others, there won't be anything spectacular that can be said for observers to praise you for. However the 'fruit' is seen and experienced by those who attend and THAT is for the glory of God.


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