Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Simplifying Church

In order for the church, the local church to truly glorify God by fulfilling its role it must seek to avoid complexity and confusion.
The church is being the church when it's living as the 'body of Christ' NOT as strangers who happen to come to the same place on Sundays (and other days) and happen to listen to the same preacher.
Without godly fellowship the purpose, the fruitfulness, the joy of church is LOST! When I say 'godly fellowship' I mean that form of fellowship that REALLY seeks to know one another, that REALLY seeks to bless one another through encouragement, teaching and correction.
A true searcher of truth isn't simply looking to find doctrinal truth that is preached from the pulpit, but is looking for and WELCOMING truth to confront him. In other words the church must be counter-fleshly (beyond being counter-cultural) by inviting and expecting "INVASION of PRIVACY", by 'being' the 'body of Christ' we are functioning as a solid family unit.
A healthy family, a biblical family is and should be one of openness, humility, teamwork, compassion, etc...
The church loses it's proper place when it loses it's relational expression, when it becomes a organization that spins it's wheels to find ways to attract strangers to come together every week. One of the greatest problems with the majority of programs in the church today is that those programs are attempting to imitate, produce, and maintain what should be the natural out workings of like-minded believers who are seeking to become more like Christ, which means they are concerned about seeing others become more like Christ and that also includes seeing the lost come to Christ!
A healthy church then is one which not only are the truths of the gospel being proclaimed and defended, but where the congregation are ACTUALLY growing together in their maturity in Christ. They then are learning the strengths and weaknesses of each other, they then are ALSO able to testify to the grace of God in others since they have actually seen the fruit growing. A church where each person seeks to not only receive but is intent on giving to individuals (and that FAR BEYOND a 'church position'. how much 'help' are you to the body of Christ when it's NOT Sunday??) A church where each individual (and not just the pastor) is 'stirring one another to love and good deeds'.



Amen Bro,

I couldn't agree more. The church as it is presented to us in the Bible and how we should be as a the church goes against many of our American sensibilities.

your bro in Christ,

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