Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ezekiel: A hard work

There aren't many people standing in line hoping to have a ministry like Ezekiel.
Here was a man chosen by God to be a prophet to His people, He shows Ezekiel wonderful things of glory as well as a birdeyes view to the horrific state of wicked Israel

  • Ezekiel was told to speak regardless of the response and then was told by God that despite his efforts the response would continue to be rebellion: Imagine that you're told to pour your heart out, your time, your energy, to be bold, to be thorough and yet you are guarenteed to fail!
  • Even the loss of your wife in order to illustrate a point (one which will be ignored)!
  • Add to all that the incredibly frustrating and deceiving attitude of the people, who will actually pretend to receive and love you!

What's to learn from that???
Ministry is FIRST about pleasing and glorifying God, it's not about producing an effect! Ezekiel's example should shame us when we are slack or ready to throw in the towel because we are facing hardened hearts.


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