Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When will you be satisfied??

1 Timothy 6:6
But godliness with contentment is great gain.

Let me ask you this, when exactly will you be content???

Where does your satisfaction lie? Is contentment attached to some goal, such as:



Birth of Children???

Getting a prestigious degree???

The start of 'your' ministry???

Getting your own car??? Getting a new one???

Getting your own place???

Buying your own house???

Adding an extension to that house???

A swimming pool???

Getting a even bigger house???

Getting a boat???

A tour of Europe, the 'Holy' land???

A management position???

A megachurch???

Receiving some sort of award???

Getting a 'title' in the church???


Are such 'goals' the essence of satisfaction? I think not, the only contentment that will last will be that which lies in our enjoyment of God and His goodness towards us. If we attempt to find contentment in the things of this life we will only be seeking to deceive ourselves into settling for less then we are called to. The believer has been called to the pursuit of God, the enjoyment of God, and the proclamation of God, these are such things we should be striving for MORE and MORE of, never being content with the little we have, but pressing after more and more.

This is a crucial distinction, because we simply can't have it both ways. If we are seeking to find our satisfaction in the things of this world then we will be WASTING the energy and time that we should be spending in the pursuit of God!

Let us never strive to keep up with the world, or to seek it's praise and attention, or we will look back with horror as we realised that we have WASTED our lives.

Live for the GLORY of God, praising Him for what you have and striving to grow in your knowledge and enjoyment of Him! That's the best thing you could do with your life, it's the best thing you could do for your spouse, your children, your church, and the lost!

Forsake the AMERICAN dream, because like all dreams it has an END! Don't envy those who pretend to be satisfied in their abundance, for it's all a mirage and will soon fade away, the best place to be, the most JOYOUS place to be, is in the 'will of God', this 'will' is found in the pursuit of God according to the knowledge of Him found in His word!


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