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Why people love The shocking youth sermon by Paul Washer

Considering the fact that Paul Washer is fairly normal guy from the sticks. When people meet Paul Washer, they don't think 'great scholar' (though he knows his stuff) nor do they think 'charismatic and motivational' (though he's clearly passionate) neither do people listen to his sermons because of his variety (if you listen to Paul enough you can finish 75% of his sentences). So then how does a guy like that generate such a wide following, why do so many continue to download his messages and more specifically why is 'the shocking youth message....' the top downloaded message from, of all time (considering the many wonderful preachers on there)???????

Apart from the 'grace of God', I believe that the ultimate factor is that this message was spoken directly to the crowd. If we consider the many dead men that many highly admire, of those who were considered bold preachers, their speciality was that they truly and specifically addressed their hearers (if they were stepping on your toes, YOU KNEW IT). For the most part, a minister should be disappointed when he preaches a message which should irritate/convict/rattle many of his listeners and those very same people are the one's shouting the 'AMENS'. To preach so directly is a lost art, it's something which many ministers fail at and it seems some don't even aim at.

The next factor, is a clear refutation of Amercian Christianity. When I say 'clear', I mean Brother Washer doesn't sound like he's quoting some catechism, nor does he speak in terms which only a very intelligent Calvinist could understand, rather it's obvious that he speaks in order to be understood. This in turn has become a blessing to a wide spectrum of believers and lost people who realized they weren't truly saved and have now been converted.

Lastly I suggest that many people enjoy watching passion in a preacher. For some it's about the only passion they experience, they like to read about it, to see it, but rarely do they have it- they are among the many 'reformed' Christians who express their passion in everything but their speaking for and about Christ. In the same manner I believe this is why there are so many people who love John Piper, though they may disagree with many things about him. This can be likened to a form of idolatry if we are not careful to seek the same source of such passion, with is Christ!

Here is the sermon I speak of:


Bobby Mosteller

Good points man. I think it is a sad thing that many preachers, teachers etc. are not as direct as they should be. Especially in the context bro Paul was in when he preached this message.

Also it seems the more the gospel has hold of the minister (or anyone for that matter) the more power you see in the word being preached. When the gospel is everything to a man (or women) you really see things start to move and shake.

The biggest lesson I have learned form bro Paul's ministry is how the gospel is everything and what we should be all about...

Blessing bro.


Julius Mickel

amen to that


Amen brother. Whether it's preaching in a pulpit or in the open air, it is very easy to "speak over people" rather than "speaking to people".

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