Saturday, May 1, 2010

W.W.J.D and 'on fire' Christians

Do you remember when W.W.J.D was the 'in' thing?? Everyone from ministers to saints to sinners was using this acronym. Through the overuse and abuse of this 'fad' many began to despise and ridicule it's use, but is that fair?? Well it isn't my aim to confront each and every abuse of this phrase, but I wish to consider the good of this.

Is asking in any given situation 'what would Jesus do?' a bad thing? Absolutely not!! In fact it IS a great tool to teach new believers how they should live. Obviously one must rightly understand who Christ is, what He did, and what He says in order to emulate Him, given that, this is a wonderful way to remember that "Christianity'" is about following Christ!!

When I find a new convert and I notice that they are indeed doing exactly this, then I rejoice! When I see a man actually scrutinizing his life by continually asking 'would Jesus do that?' I am personally convicted. Too often when a believer is in hot pursuit of God, there always seems to appear a 'firefighter', (one who lost the fire they once had, or one which tried to produce such fire through legalism, the list could go on) who seeks to 'slow' down this dear believer by easing his/her conscience about many things, or by trying to influence them to not be so 'heavenly minded'.

Praise God for those men and women that actually hear a sermon and try to apply it to their lives immediately, bless God for the believers who learn from those who have gone before them by implementing some of the same safeguards in their life. I bless the Lord for those who actually care to ask 'would Jesus, go here? Would He watch this? Would He enjoy that? Would He say this? Would He listen to that?' Is that not a 'good' thing, is that not the problem most of us have, that we don't do this?

Sure we can listen to the Washers, the Pipers, the Albert Martins, the Ravenhills, the Tozers, the Spurgeons, the Ryles, and the like, and we get excited because they ACTUALLY sound like they BELIEVE this stuff and they actually display deep affection and passion for truth and for God. We can love the way they pour out their hearts, and consider these men (though mere men and flawed men) holy men, men who fear God (and there are PLENTY of scriptures which encourage us to 'mark' out such men and to follow them) and YET our admiration, our love goes no further then ENTERTAINMENT or IDOLATRY. WHY? because when these men start to stress the importance of living holy and they spell it out, we then TUNE them out, when they touch our TV sets, when they touch our use of time, when they touch our children, our marriages, when they touch our music, when they touch our 'liberties', THEN we quietly place them in the 'old school' category, you know the 'poor over-passioned and out of touch minister who was sadly influenced by much legalism'. Though deep down we are convicted and we do notice the difference. Indeed such ministers should be placed in the 'dinosaur' category because as Washer says what we have left is 'a bunch of little boys with laptops'. What we have now is a ever-growing group of witty, funny, sarcastic, professional and dignified boys who are masters at quoting. It is no wonder at all that preachers and preaching is despised in our day, because it's so rare to hear and see real preaching and that lived out.
God help us!


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