Saturday, June 12, 2010

liberty & entertainment

There is much that can be said about the pros & cons of watching different forms of media. There are many positions concerning what is appropriate and what is not for believers to watch.

I'm sad to say that many of the so-called reformed crowd have really pushed the limits on what is permissable and it is very apparent in their fruit as well. I well remember something a pastor once said when he confronted a man who professed Christianity and who held a high position at the local tv network (abc, nbc something??) and when this Pastor expressed his concerns about a coming very loud & openly blasphemous show, somewhere in the conversation this tv network guy made this comment 'the problem is not with the supply, it's the demand!'. It's quite absurd to complain of the increase of filth when you r a contributor!

Anyhow I wish to speak to something that in no sense is a 'gray' area. That is sexual scenes in movies & television, nudity and intense non-nudity gropping etc.. That's not to say that there won't be objections, but i will say that the objections will NOT contain honesty & biblical harmony.

It's all just acting, what's the difference???
Let's use children to amplify the point: If a child plays 'cops & robbers' or 'cowboys & indians' or 'david vs goliath' etc.. no one has to really get hurt, no real hatred or intention to inflict pain has to exist in order to 'play'. However if children begin to 'pretend' to have sex, to grope each other, then what parent wouldn't IMMEDIATELY interrupt & condemn such 'pretending' pointing out that the 'pretending' is wrong and sinful, because something is actually happening. If any would dare b so hypocritical to object then let me ask, would you let your wife 'pretend' with another man? Would you see it as amusing, if she told you she flashed some men at her job 'to make a point'? Would you consider it 'harmless' for your daughter to play such a part? Christians are instructed to 'flee youthful lusts' to guard our eyes from such things, to guard our minds from such things. Just because we don't know the 'stars' and it's on a screen doesn't make it less then going to a strip club, as this point is well illustrated in the following article: here is a piece:.......Is hypocrisy too strong a word? I don't believe so. Many Christians are willing to watch, by means of a movie camera, what they wouldn't dream of watching in person. You couldn't get them into a topless bar, and yet they cheerfully go to films where they see far more. Would most Christian men be willing to be peeping Toms, roving the neighborhood? Certainly not. But what if they discovered a woman who knew of their presence and was willing to undress in front of a window? That would be worse. What if she were paid to do all this? Worse, worse, and still worse. But what if she is paid lots of money, has a producer and director, does all of this for the movie cameras and has millions of men drooling at her windowsill? This is suddenly different and becomes quite a "complicated" issue—as it may have been this summer for some who lined up to see the R-rated comedy Wedding Crashers. Christian teens and adults across America express love for Jesus Christ yet try to excuse this sort of behavior on the basis of contemporary standards. Many Christians don't want to be different in what they watch. They don't want to admit that their discipleship applies to this area. And they also don't want to admit that sexual activity and nudity on the screen is sexually exciting for them. But those who deny that such things affect them are simply deceiving themselves.....
WHOOPS i forgot, when people say I want it to be 'practical' they don't mean 'apply this personally to my life.'. It's time that we get serious about sin and call it what it is, despite the growing compromise of the day. This compromise is affecting our marriages, our witness, our senstivity & intimacy with God, to the point where most believers have to 'work up' their desires because they continue to grieve the Spirit and aren't looking to make actual lifestyle changes in order to walk in spiritual maturity.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Preaching,teaching marriage & divorce

Briefly I wish to run a few remarks concerning the way in which marriage & divorce is handled wrongly today.

It goes without saying that the underlying problem concerning this relates to many a subject, whenever we start with man and we seek to help him we go wrong. Likewise if we start with experience then with the scriptures we go wrong.

Many teachers, pastors and counsellors (including friends) have sought to bring comfort to their friends by telling them a lie. In their speaking they have implemented only one safeguard and that safeguard, that thing which they are struggling to avoid is to put any shame upon their listeners and so they work from that one safeguard. The problem with this is that we have never been given that power, we don't choose when someone should or should not be convicted. We MUST however seek to be consistent with the teachings of scripture, seeking to preach truth, grace, promises, warnings etc..

When it comes to marriage & divorce, many have given much ammunition to couples who r currently experiencing problems, these couples have found comfort in their wicked lusts. Whereas they should feel afraid and rebuked for even entertaining the idea to leave their spouse, it should not enter their mind as an option. Someone who professes to be a believer who is actually seeking after a divorce, seeking to fulfill their own pleasures and looking for someone to sooth their conscience should NEVER find such in the house of God, rather they should be sharply warned even to the point of examining whether they are in the faith considering how lightly they are viewing such a God blessed and to God vowed union. In doing so the pastor/teacher/counsellor must not present a "well everyone's doing it, the church is just as bad as the world" picture, when in fact though their are certainly real believers who have had divorces, the statistics that are given are quite flawed since the majority of the people questioned are no more saved then demons, 'few enter in'.
Whenever marriage & divorce is addressed the presenter must do all within their power to:

  • explain the purposes and pictures of marriage in a glorious counter-cultural scriptural light,
  • as well as clearly expressing the feelings of God towards divorce
  • seeking to teach those getting ready to marry
  • encouraging and warning those who are married
  • offering forgiveness to those who ARE truly repentant
  • clearly presenting the GOSPEL, given the REALITY that the problem with many marriages is that many are church-going LOST people who are "trying' to have a godly marriage...

Since marriage is to be a picture of Christ and His church, it makes perfect sense to (as always) point to the cross and expound the gospel whenever speaking on the topic of marriage.

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